DL Global Partners Inc. is an international consortium of consultants, key opinion leaders and services supporting drug and device development for disorders of the brain. We are the recognized scientific and opinion leaders in abuse potential assessment and CNS clinical pharmacology. Our scientific expertise is always informed by our extensive industry experience.

Our Approach is science driven and practical and focused on achieving the most creative and fastest path to regulatory acceptance. Our objective, data-based analytic approach drives our problem solving.

Our Value to You is our breadth of experience and vast range of industry and CRO contacts. The reputation and credibility of our Principals in industry, academia and with Regulatory Authorities enhances your team's capability and credibility. We have decades of experience integrating basic science and clinical drug development.

Our Goals:

  • To continue to be the world's recognized best source of information and expertise with respect to the assessment of drug abuse potential, including tamper resistance and abuse deterrence and development of psychoactive agents
  • To provide consultation and support services to the biopharmaceutical and device industry relating to drug development in clinical psychopharmacology and for psychiatric and neurologic disorders
  • To match clients with the high quality services they need to ensure their data meet regulatory expectation in all jurisdictions

Our Capability:

  1. Early Stage Clinical Pharmacology and CNS and Psychiatric Drug Development
  2. Abuse Potential and Deterrence Related Services
  3. Cannabinoid Research and Risk Management
  4. Scientific Expertise and Consultation
  5. Strategic Business Planning and Operations
  6. Support of Governmental and Public Health Policy Development